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Allies versus Foes #6

· 10cc

The usage of key words are important for self development and is crucial when navigating Corporate America. I remember being taught that one should identify people in school or work settings as friends or associates. You can spend as much time as I did defining these words and then discovering the difference but the conclusion will be the same. Today's workforce is not pretty at all and does not provide the promise of career building opportunities our economy once boasted about. Now, it multi-billion dollar tech companies that do not produce anything and change internal business streams and functions at the drop of a dime.

That environment requires a modern adaptation that fosters the necessary skills and insight. For that reason, it is best to describe under the context of an ally or foe. For discussion purposes please look study the words and let's chat about it below. But to kick things off, I will leave you with this example: An ally will be integral in helping get an interview that can land the job, and a foe would never offer your name up for suggestion toward a better opportunity. In closing, both can be executed by the same person.

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