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The best social lesson is when one realizes the difference between family, friends and allies.

~ Jason Thigpen

I remember the first time I received an e-mail trail containing conversations between colleagues and my name came up. To witness a comment or opinion about you from someone else in positive light is encouraging. Especially when it was unexpected and quite frankly, not called for. To explain the point here, let's examine how books are shared.

Reading has a special place in my heart as an adult with 4 children. But growing up in the Bronx, NY I did not discover the benefit of reading nor was I constantly taught the joy of reading. As GOD would have it, there were many opportunities to revisit this lesson and eventually get acclimated. With that being said, I always wondered how or why a book was selected in school or how certain books landed on people's book shelf. I noticed while working my first corporate job that the art of co-signing was an ingenious way to garner support while simultaneously creating a narrative. In a similar fashion, it is wise to develop a narrative to that can others feel comfortable supporting when your not in the room.

While these comments were humbling and appreciated, it also opened my eyes to the fact that I was not creating the right narrative. I wanted upward mobility and advancement which requires training and mentorship to a certain degree. The proper conversation with the right person after exhibiting value, character and/or integrity can prove valuable at a later time. Let's use this opportunity to co-sign for someone in our life that did not ask for it, nor did they do anything to stir this idea.

Please use the comment section below to identify someone with a tangible goal that can use verbal support and assistance in accomplishing said goal.

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