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Industry Awareness #1

Salary, Role Definition, Lifecycle

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Step 1

Using common sense can be as simple as commonly using your senses. - Jason Thigpen

The first step of the 10 Corporate Commandments combines natural ability with acquired knowledge. No one is born an expert but anyone can achieve expertise with a steady practice, especially in this technological age. Let us identify an industry by interest first because awareness will only peak when desire is present. Once chosen ask yourself the following 3 questions and keep both the questions and responses recorded. Reason being you want to review your responses as you acquire knowledge to gauge the strength of your awareness.

  1. How did this industry start?
  2. What is the current status of this industry?
  3. Where is this industry going and Why?

Great! Now use your responses as a guide to start your research and focus on your initial awareness because that leads the way to a fulfilling expertise.

I want to take this moment to mention that much of the expertise and suggestions in this series are based on my experience and prospective as a man of African descendant. My politics are pro-black and largely steeped in the teachings of Marcus Mosiah Garvey Jr. For that reason, I continue to break things down as if you are unaware or without prior knowledge because while a select few in various parts of the world have had the privilege of being prepared, there are many that are not. Regardless of your journey toward professional prosperity, I have found that all men of color especially those categorized as Black or African American are lacking the foundation to succeed in professional environments.

Continuing with our exercise, make sure to use valid resources and make an effort to speak with people with relevant experience to the subject matter. Let's assume for a second, that your responses are not providing any guidance. Listen and look out for news about this industry that comes your way. It can be as simple a newspaper article or magazine cover or perhaps, an advertisement while riding the train or bus. These resources are prepared for us to consume but rarely does it capture our attention in a positive way.

With a new awareness based on your responses, let that be your guide for a few days as you go about your business.

In the comments section let me know what you find:

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