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Lack of true racial/cultural community #5

Only Person of African Descent in the room or on the team!

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A disclaimer of sorts should be applied here because of the views and opinions of the author. The motive for this blog series has more to do with "Progress for people of African Descent" than it has to do with "White Privilege" but we must introduce the idea to create the proper foundation for the viewpoints and opinions shared.

Without giving you a history lesson, I will present the idea that without a foundation, one can not simply ground themselves in the economic cycle of life to acquire a standard of living that the United States suggest is available for all. You know, the pursuit of happiness idea. Democracy integrated into capitalism has so many promises attached to it, where can we begin. No one should be lead by promises of course, but honestly how many of us can say that without those promises, we would get up and go to work or school.

Our motivation is driven by that promise and that promise becomes the goal.

With that being said, how can we acquire an economic foundation without a culturally relevant community of educators and caretakers to guide and watch over us. That is inherently the issue with white privilege in America. The preconceived notion that "white is right" leads many away from truly diverse experiences and creates cultures that are toxic for people of color.

The takeaway here is to become an agent of change and ensure that you are striving to improve social, economic, and educational opportunities for those that look like you and come from where you come from. An example can be, not just joining your ERG (Employee Resource Group) but taking a position within the group and working toward greater exposure or impact at that company.

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