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Nothing is fair but balance is achievable #8

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Now it's time to get tough!

Whatever your social, economic or cultural strife may be, it's not going to change over night nor will it change to benefit you and you alone. If a leveled playing field motivates you, then be prepared for disappointment. This blog series is less about giving you an advantage but instead preparing you to create balance in your professional life. Landing your first job, promotion or asking for a raise can be challenging enough without having to worry about what's fair or unfair.


The focus of this article is around learning how to deal with that emotion of a situation not being fair and how to fight through and conquer. I don't mind getting personal by mentioning a difficult family situation that from time to time feels completely unfair. I wanted a wife and children and the ability to work hard for them as much as possible while enjoying the benefits of that hard work. Unfortunately, that dream was crushed by actions I can not take back and while the emotions are challenging to handle, the reality of the opportunity to continue to work hard for my children is still possible has created a path toward balance that gives me hope. 


I ask you to share below to start the conversation around this very tough but needed topic.

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