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Personal/Professional Timeline #2

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Probably the most important initial task you can complete as you embark into adulthood is planning. I emphasize planning as an important adulthood task because adulthood itself, will never stop or finish but it will always flow. Now, I am not going to tell you how-to create, approach, or give you a method for planning. Instead, I will advise you on the practice of creating a timeline connected to those plans.

Editor’s Note: The purpose of timelines are strictly visual which aids in forward thinking as it relates to present planning. This method became clear on a trip to the Natural Museum of History here in New York City inside the Slavery in New York exhibit. That digital representation of over 100 years in New York for Black vs Whites gave me instant insight into the importance of timelines as it relates to the results of practical planning. To expand on this point, let's examine the modern saving advice where a small percentage of one's pay over time will result in a hefty amount. This suggestion shared verbally or read in a book goes over my head every time but mapped out on a calendar and 'eureka' I saved a jackpot.

Now, a short hand explanation of this suggestion as a formula is:

Goal = No. of Steps * Amount of Time

Read 1 Book = 10 Chapters * 10 Days

This method should seem simple and easy to execute but will require practice and patience. The most challenging part is of course having the correct steps to completing a goal, which almost never happens so expect to fumble through this part of it several times, i.e. taking 1 week to complete 1 chapter. To express some appreciation for checking out my blog, here is a hint. Seek the advice of someone that has reached the desired goal you want or just someone experienced in the industry or area of interested. For the example above, folks that have written books or that are members of books clubs are great.

Now of course a big reason why I decided to create this series is to address the fact that many of us do not have experts in our lives on demand. So, just like in step 1 let us try an exercise in the comments section below. Please share with us your formula for a goal that also has the amount of steps and time it will take to complete said steps. Let's learn and grow as a group.

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