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    Find Your Commitment

    Group Series - Unlock Your Hidden Business Potential. 

  • Jason Thigpen

    Entrepreneur | Technologist | Ed-Tech Founder | Husband | Father


    Join me as we explore the scheduling hack that keeps me ahead of the many opportunities I attract throughout the year and beyond. The “Find Your Commitment” group series will introduce strategies from my personal playbook of over 16 years of entrepreneurship coupled with over 20 years of professional experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights into proven and up-to-date strategies that bridge the gap between fantasizing about your dreams and living it out clearly.


    Accelerate with Google

    Meet The Teacher: Code Monkey

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    Expert Advice

    Learn about custom methods of mastering your time to improve business strategy.

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    Connect with like-minded professionals who are equally passionate about their entrepreneurial pursuits.